Creating Conversations can help turn your environment into a stimulating social space


With a complete package of easy to use conversation starters and activities. Make life in the care home easier and happier for residents and staff.

We provide full support and training, if required, to ensure the best results are achieved in all environments.



Wellbeing for people in your care:

  • Enhance social engagement.
  • Combat isolation and loneliness.
  • Recollection, reminiscence and the sharing of personal histories.
  • Decrease anxiety, feelings of frustration and confusion.
  • Increase personal fulfilment and enjoyment.
  • Maintain and build relationships. 
  • Evidence based to enhance wellbeing.
  • Community involvement
  • Community involvement

Helping Carers:

  • Easy to use conversation starters.
  • Suitable for individual or group use.
  • Convenient programmes and quick, easy to use guides.
  • Saves time on preparation and planning.
  • Can be used at any time and anywhere
  • Maintain and build relationships in any environment.
  • Community involvement
  • Helps those less experienced or new to caring.