Introductory Session

Planning your first introductory session is so exciting and there is so much that can be done.  Below are some ideas, steps and useful links to help and inspire you:

Step One:

Review pages 10 - 11 of the activity handbook

Step Two:

Decide on your location and activity then advertise the event    COME AND JOIN US POSTER

Step Three:

Make sure you collect, print or have ordered all materials needed for the introductory activity.

Step Four:

As shown in the handbook - Follow the instructions to make the activity an event.  Always start with the tablecloth and a cuppa! Conversations will start to flow - use the activity handbook to guide you.

The Tablecloth 

It may be that your first few meetings are just about the tablecloth, unfolding, spreading out and then exploring images.  A cup of tea or coffee always help people relax. That may be enough; just talking together about what comes up for people. Soon, people will respond to the sight of the tablecloth, it will become a cue or signpost, creating expectation and a positive mood. Some people may take responsibility for the unfolding and folding away at the end of the time together.

One of our Artlink artists Christine Hilditch drew and painted the images.



  • Sensory: gather aromatic flowers and plants
  • Music - Playlist of garden themed music
  • Discussion - Use Tablecloth
  • Make participants individual folders for future work
  • Plant a bulb - see handbook
  • Discuss goals that would like to be achieved from the Creating Conversations project
  • Name the group or project
  • Have gardening magazines at hand for ideas if needed
  • Read poetry or ask the group to make up a poem around today's activity.  Each participant can make up a sentence and them the next person can add on to it. This tends to be a fun and interactive approach. 
  • Discuss and share opinions on topics and activities
  • Celebrate - a job well done

Poetry On Gardening

Playlists Of Garden Themed Music


Songs You May Wish To Source

“Don’t sit under the apple tree”, by Glen Miller Orchestra

 “I’ll be with you in Apple Blossom Time”, by the Andrew Sisters

“A white sport’s coat and a pink carnation” by Marty Robbins

 “My love is like a Red, Red Rose”, words by Robert Burns



Mosaics catalogue to order tiles -

Here artist, Jaine Marriott, outlines how to create garden mosaics…pdf