Topic 4: The Special Garden


Step One:

Review pages 19 - 21 of the activity handbook.  
Prepare your activity - There are great hints and tips and preparation ideas in the handbook. 
Speak to other members of staff to get them involved. 

Step Two:

Advertise the event    COME AND JOIN US POSTER

Step Three:

Make sure you have collected, printed or have ordered all materials needed for the activities.

Step Four:

As shown in the handbook - Follow the instructions to make the activity an event and use the activity handbook to guide you.


  • Use the Discussion Cards and instructions to play games or spark conversation
  • Listen to music
  • Finish with a poem
  • Discuss outings or their favourite garden
  • Draw or Paint their special garden
  • Discuss what would be in their special garden
  • Use magazines to look for special gardens or cut out and make a collage of their special garden
  • Word Search On A Gardening Theme


Poetry that can be used for this topic:

  • Quotes, jokes and poetry