Topic 7: The Working Garden


Step One:

Review pages 27 - 28 of the activity handbook.  
Prepare your activity - There are great hints and tips and preparation ideas in the handbook. 
Speak to other members of staff to get them involved. 

Step Two:

Plan and advertise the event    COME AND JOIN US POSTER

Step Three:

Make sure you have all materials needed: Please see the handbook for full list and ideas.

Step Four:

As shown in the handbook - Follow the instructions to make the activity an event and use the activity handbook to guide you.


  • Print off the Washing Line template and use as a topic of conversation and activity
  • Use the discussion cards
  • Watch the DVD "The Steamie" can be viewed and discussed 
  • Design their own garden
  • Washing day and washing lines
  • Find pictures of sculptures in magazines - cut out and make a collage
  • Garden Hangings
  • Peg Dolls
  • Indoor Gardens
  • Read stories about working gardens
  • Read, discuss or make up poems about working gardens and garden jobs


Garden Sculptures

Garden Hangings

Peg Dolls

Indoor Gardens

Information on gardening and what to do when

Stories to read in this topic:


Poems about gardens: