Observation Tools for Evidencing Social Impact

A key element of Creating Conversations model is supporting better conversations and encouraging staff, participants and volunteers to build effective communication in a social environment.

This is informed by the evidence we have from our evaluation by Stirling University which used an observation process to effectively demonstrate the impact of social activity using the kit on the individuals using it and to create a critical framework for opening up discussions for professionals and volunteers about facilitation and communication skills that they can use to recognise, enhance and share practice in teams.

In order to support this we have provided a shortened Observation Framework and Guidance that can be used to enable an effective observation session in a group setting, followed by mapping the data create an evidence base with which to inform a self-reflective discussion or to support professional development.

The data collection tool corresponds directly to the Stirling University evaluation so a read of this would support use of the observation framework.

Click here to download a pdf of the framework

Click here to download a pdf of the framework