Strengthening connections with those you love

As we know dementia doesn't just effect the one person; it changes the lives of families and friends too.  Using Creating Conversations as a family can help your loved one maintain communication and restore a sense of self.   

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Creating Conversations and wellbeing for people in your care:

  • Enhance social engagement.

  • Combat isolation and loneliness.

  • Recollection, reminiscence and the sharing of personal histories.

  • Decrease anxiety, feelings of frustration and confusion.

  • Increase personal fulfilment and enjoyment.

  • Maintain and build relationships. 

  • Evidence based to enhance wellbeing.

Helping families and carers:

  • Easy to use conversation starters.

  • Suitable for individual or group use.

  • Quick, easy to use guides.

  • Can be used at any time and anywhere

  • Maintain and build relationships in any environment.

  • Community involvement

  • Helps those less experienced or new to caring.

Often the best conversations
are those that ‘just start’ and
this allows that to happen.
— Town Break Dementia Services

This has helped break the barriers to conversation, in particular individuals living with dementia.
— NHS Forth Valley

The kit has the potential to increase confidence, reduce anxiety, affirm identities, support positive social connections as evidenced through the observations.
— Dr Jane Robertson - Dementia Research and Gerontology Dept.