Do you Give A Kit?


1. What is Do You Give A Kit?
Creating Conversations, and Artlink Central (our parent charity), want to engage the wider community in a campaign that highlights the growth and impact of dementia in the local community.  In particular, the prevalence of dementia in older women, linking it to its ‘Do You Give a Kit?’ campaign.  

The donation campaign linked to ‘Do You Give A Kit?’ will allow us to gift meaningful activity toolkit's to people living with dementia in your local area.


2. How will the ‘Do You Give A Kit?’ campaign benefit the local community?
The ‘Do You Give A Kit?’ campaign will:

  • Raise awareness of people living with dementia in the local community.
  • Highlight the increase of dementia now effecting women. 
  • Allow meaningful Activity Toolkit's to be gifted to care groups, hospital wards, community care homes and people living with dementia within the local community.
  • Highlight the work of charity Artlink Central within the community for local residents to use.

This important opportunity will allow us to engage and reach a far wider group of people.  The campaign will be a positive and visible approach in the community, whilst providing information, activity and guidance. 


3. What is the Creating Conversations Activity Toolkit?
Our Activities Toolkit: Gardening themed was launched following a two year development, research and testing project with the assistance of the Gerontology Department at the Stirling University, NHS Forth Valley and other professionals specialising in dementia. 

The Activity Kit is a tool to assist volunteers, facilitators, activities coordinators and care staff to deliver relaxing and purposeful social opportunities and activities. It provides an accessible framework for both new and experienced facilitators to successfully deliver ongoing programmes of creative activities for groups of older people, including those with a diagnosis of dementia.  All materials are easily adaptable for a range of physical and social needs.

The activity kits are designed to encourage discussion and strengthen connections amongst staff, participants, family members and friends.

The toolkit offers long term activity programmes focusing on well-being, reminiscence, self-affirmation and communication whilst reducing feelings of isolation, anxiety and frustration.


4. Who are Artlink Central and Creating Conversations?
Creating Conversations provides activity toolkits for care homes, day centres, groups and other facilities that are responsible in caring for older people, in particular those with dementia.

Creating Conversations is a social enterprise launched by participatory arts charity, Artlink Central, to market specialist creative products for the care and dementia sectors. As a social enterprise, all profit generated by Creating Conversations supports the broader charitable work of Artlink Central with groups in the community experiencing physical or mental illness, disability or disadvantage.


5. If I contribute how will my money be used?
All contributions made will remain in your local community and contributed towards purchasing an activity toolkits to a facility near you.  We will keep contributions separate based on the local area it is received from. Contributions will accumulate to cover the cost of toolkits to be purchased for the area/region. If multiple care homes or settings are nominated in one area, then a random draw will be held to select the setting/s which will benefit first. The profits from Creating Conversations benefit parent charity Artlink Central to continue to offer high quality creative activity in Central Scotland to a vulnerable communities, including our creative prescription programme for people living with dementia in the community. 


6. I am a care home, hospital ward/unit or care group and would like to register for the opportunity to receive a kit. What do I do?
It’s easy – All you need to do is register your details by following this link


You will then have the opportunity to be gifted with an activity toolkit if sufficient contributions are received. If you are nominated by a contributor we will contact you to confirm your details and interest in the product and in being a recipient via this campaign.


7. How would using a Creating Conversations Activity Toolkit benefit me and my residents/participants?

For care groups, care homes, hospitals and activities leaders the kits will:

  • Provide a convenient on-going programme to fulfil the requirements for stimulating creative activities as outlined by National Care Standards and Care Inspectorate guidance.
  • Offer easy to use materials and clear activity plans that will increase staff confidence and enthusiasm, whilst encouraging bonds between participants and staff.
  • Assist less confident or less experienced co-ordinators and facilitators to confidently hold engaging and purposeful activities.
  • Provide best practice with new and innovative activities designed by experts.

For participants our kits will:

  • Encourage social engagement and combat isolation and loneliness.
  • Encourage recollection, reminiscence and the sharing of personal histories.
  • Decrease anxiety, feelings of frustration and confusion.
  • Increase personal fulfilment, enjoyment and wellbeing.
  • Build relationships the confirm identity.


8. Why do I need to register my details?
We want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity and we do not miss you, therefore, by receiving registrations also we can ensure that more people will then benefit in your area. We will contact any person or organisation who registers to ensure they are able to confirm we can keep their details and how they would like us to communicate with them.


9. I’m not an experienced activities coordinator, can I still use the Kit?
Yes absolutely.  Our activity kits have been developed and designed for facilitators with any range of experience.  All materials are easily adaptable for a range of physical and social needs.


10. I am an experienced activities coordinator – will the activity toolkit still benefit me?
Yes absolutely.  Even if you have years of experience behind you the toolkit will benefit you and build on your current activity programmes.  As well as offering lots of activities, support and ideas; including long term projects, the toolkit is evidence based to assist with communication, interaction and supporting wellbeing.


11. Why is there a charge for your activity toolkit?
Creating Conversations is the Social Enterprise of Artlink Central, therefore, all profits made from proceeds are put back into the charitable cause and back into the community. 

The toolkit was developed over a two year research and development trial, therefore, an evidence based product which offer long term activity programmes along with personal wellbeing.