'Do You Give A Kit?' Campaign Launched

Creating Conversations, and Artlink Central (our parent charity), want to engage the wider community in a campaign that highlights the growth and impact of dementia in the local community.  In particular, the prevalence of dementia in older women, linking it to its ‘Do You Give a Kit?’ campaign for Mother’s Day in 2017.  

The donation campaign linked to ‘Do You Give A Kit?’ will allow us to gift meaningful activity toolkit's to people living with dementia in your local area.

The ‘Do You Give A Kit?’ Mother’s Day 2017 campaign will:

  • Raise awareness of people living with dementia in the local community.
  • Highlight the increase of dementia now effecting women. 
  • Allow meaningful Activity Toolkit's to be gifted to care groups, hospital wards, community care homes and people living with dementia within the local community.
  • Highlight the work of charity Artlink Central within the community for local residents to use.

This important opportunity will allow us to engage and reach a far wider group of people.  The campaign will be a positive and visible approach in the community, whilst providing information, activity and guidance.