Introducing the new activity starter kit for individuals

Not just for care homes - take a domestic kit home to someone living with dementia

Creating Conversations the garden activity starter kit for the home

Creating Conversations can happen in your own home, so why not consider a starter kit for use with a loved one or someone living with dementia who you care for in their own home. We have stripped back the details to offer a Quick Start guide, our full pack of discussion cards with instructions and some new Activity Starters to help you get started. This is all included with your own small tablecloth that you can use on a kitchen table, in the lounge or even over a lap with nice cup of tea to bring conversation alive with every visit.

This is the perfect gift for someone to encourage more interaction, reminiscence and better social opportunity as well as cheering up the house. You get all the key benefits of the full kit, presented beautifully for someone to own.

Visit our Shop to take advantage of our introductory offer of just £30 with a RRP of £39.99 and to find out more about the product details.