Stimulating Communication/Reminiscence Tablecloth

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Stimulating Communication/Reminiscence Tablecloth


Simple to use, yet highly effective, the visually impactful Tablecloth helps by taking the pressure away from caregivers, facilitators, friends or family members who want to enhance communication and engagement with those they care for.

The Conversations Tablecloth, which was designed specifically to help stimulate communication and engagement, is the key tool in this kit.  Use it alongside the quick start guides provided to get conversations flowing easily and naturally.

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By simply laying the tablecloth the colourful eye catching images of familiar themes inspires and engages those around it immediately.  Listen as conversations flow naturally, watch as memories unfold and relationships strengthen as the tablecloth is used to spark stories of personal experiences which can lead to fun activity.

The tablecloth can be used in any environment and can be used on a one to one basis or within a group environment, where the laying of the table to commence each session becomes a familiar prompt.  

The Conversations Tablecloth helps by promoting stimulating communication, strengthening relationships, reminiscence of personal histories, enhancing self affirmation and reducing feelings of isolation.

Creating Conversations Handcrafted Tablecloth
Conversation Starter Guides

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The tablecloth is colour fast and can be washed at 70 degrees. 


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