Testimonials and Feedback

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"The creative opportunities provided by Creating Conversations: Gardening have the potential to increase confidence, reduce anxiety, affirm identities, support positive social connections and provide opportunities to engage in enjoyable and purposeful activities as evidenced through the observations."
Dr Jane Robertson, Lecturer in Dementia Studies at University of Stirling

“The tablecloth is lovely and has sparked many memories which we have shared. Each session is set out in the user guide with clear, easy to follow suggestions on how to lead the activities. Our service users particularly enjoyed reminiscing about their own gardens and getting involved in planting and watching their flowers grow. We would happily recommend this product as an addition to any care home activity programme.” Group Leader, Care Home

"I love the kit and the online resources are great, thank you."
Activities Co-Coordinator, UK Care Home Group

"It’s a visually stimulating way to promote conversation and reminiscence, and gives somebody something tangible, to allow them to communicate to the best of their abilities."
Volunteer, Dementia Services Group

"The whole family found the cards easy to use and definitely helped in making it easier to communicate with Mum. She loved looking at the pictures and the dolly pegs reminded her of washing days years ago.” A Thompson, Carer

"It’s nice to have the extra support and ideas if we needed it. The products are very easy to use and I am still amazed at the positive impact this has had with our groups so far. Thank you."
Activity Leader, Care Home Group